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We offer a new approach – combining old-fashioned personal involvement, a unique foaling barn and strike an appropriate balance with today’s technology.

Wind-N-Wood Farm’s Foaling Care Center reflects the personal approach of the farm’s owner/operators in every way.





The entire operation is designed to meet the high requirements of the concerned horse owner and investor.

  • It incorporates our own ideas of what is important and what is practical in caring for mares and their offspring before, during and after foaling itself.
  • It is a size that allows us to put a lifetime of hands-on experience to work, giving their individual attention when and where it is needed.
  • It is operated using the kind of knowledge that can only be gained by working daily with horses, learning to recognize and interpret the often subtle health messages that can be communicated by a horse’s appearance, actions and attitude.

If you have any questions or comments or want to make an appointment to see our facility, feel free to contact us. We would be delighted to show you around and make your time with us a most enjoyable experience. Our goal is simple: To be big enough to handle all the needs of the horses in our care, yet small enough to do it all in a personalized manner.

David and LeAnne Dayon

Wind N Wood Farm

7910 30th Street N.E.
St. Michael, MN. U.S.A. 55376
Phone: (763) 497 2209

David and LeAnne Dayon